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Tour Details

The tour starts with a pickup from our special area in Dubai / lodge. The drive to Abu Dhabi takes nearly one and a half of hours. With out wasting a minute in the queues that you could head straight to enter the sector’s greatest indoor theme park.

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi is a glimmering universe of fun and vigour for the entire loved ones with enjoyable rides, great rides, themed outlets and Hotels all of which have been enlivened with the aid of the sector acclaimed company of Ferrari and its wealthy Italian legacy and society. The Famous Park has more than twenty breathtaking rides and fascination; that hold an enthusiasm for members all all ages bunch. From expense thrills, propelled test systems to tasty lip smacking eateries, Ferrari World has all of it. It moreover offers an interesting shopping advantage and a gorgeous diversion. It is no doubts an absolute necessity talk over with maintain an eye in your travel list. also we have Camel Ride Dubai, kids and women like too much to ride by camel in desert.

Package Details

Dream Night Tourism presents you best exclusive voyage by means of Ferrari World at a pleasant price of AED 350 for each individual + AED 300 for up to 4 participants for 2 approach exclusive. The exclusive seek advice from should do not forget at the least two contributors, nonetheless can likewise improvement a better gathering of sightseers on solicitation.

Ferrari world pass without Transfer

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Rides
Formula Rossa
Scuderia Challenge
Fiorano GT Challenge
20 Awesome Rides
Attractions Unlimited
More Detail

  • AED 300 per person for a group of 4 persons
  • AED 290 per person for a group of six persons
  • AED 280 per person for a group of twelve persons
  • AED 270 per person for a group of quite thirty persons

Above mentioned cost has included the cost of pickup and drop to your location within Dubai.

For More Information about our Services and Packages details Contact Us or visit our head office in Dubai.